An Excerpt From A Short Story

Note – Say 1 like i & 1t like it & meh like me & mah like my

1 feel like person, animal, part of nothing, whole of everything. 1 can’t breathe whereas once 1 done did could. Herds of smog crowd the air, fogs deplored secound cousin whom 1 noe well 1 do. The buildings, erect like what hangs between the thighs of man and feman, erupt frum the ground like trees. They inhale without exhaling. Feeling trapped 1 am. Deprived of the liberty of wide open space that 1 am for sure. What hides within meh, like the crowns of the trees that reel, is asphyxiating beneath the wind 1t respires. 1t is to be revealed only thru the peeling back of flesh, the atrophy then of the muscle, will 1t be seen by naked human eye. A man walks bye. He has two eyes that he do, but one is hanging frum the socket like a pendulum bobbing against his cheek. It is still attached somehoe and 1’m not at all sure if he can still see thru it. The part it hangs frum looks like an arm without skin. The arm is mah stalk and eye am 1ts blossom. This is hoe 1 came to bud.


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