some poetry from my honors thesis

Left tuh waste, mah mind hardens tuh rock, rocks soften tuh brain. Surviving on mah toes many times over. Taunted by mah captors with thair reproductive organs; the sun, guy, and the moon, gal. Day and night 1 watch the sky revolve. Splatters frum a flightless bird make way intuh mah eye and 1 look creepier than before. A living skeleton 1 prepare to lay in mah grave, but 1m let to step frum the cave. 1 stand benith the masculine sky only to be heaved off the cliff. Every atom belonging to meh falls intuh the ponds pupil. Thru the blue iris 1 see 1m not alone- many other humans fight the reeling waves. They too brink on the edge of existence. A small voice in mah mind brings us tuhgether and with our bony hands forming as one, we rub the iris until the sky spreads its legs. We float as fallen leaves and wait fur the sun tuh take us tuh relay on the humpbacks of clouds. Mah senses are leeched senseless as 1 am carried thru pupil and lens, thru vitreous bodi and optic nerve, coming tuh in nature’s brain. 1 grow. 1 leech. 1 recover and breach.


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