What is an Impetuous Neophyte?

My birth certificate says Reilly, but my pseudonym as an author of fiction is Lee Prior. Texas raised, Colorado branded, a graduate from the University of Denver with a bachelors in psychology and textual studies with honors. I am person, I am animal, I am human? This question, I strive to answer, especially in my honors thesis if you want to check that out. Functioning best outdoors, away from florescence, from machine. The less man-made, the better. Always outside- biking both road and trail, running, reading under trees, backpacking solo, painting/drawing landscape/flora/fauna, and more…
Words to describe self- reclusive, deep, independent, detached, dreamer, visionary, psychic, creative, compassionate, intense, neurotic, exotic, complex, difficult to know, self-conscious, extremely private, aloof, and an impetuous neophyte.

Impetuous |imˈpeCHo͞oəsadjective acting or done quickly and without thought or care / of, relating to, or characterized by sudden or rash action, emotion,etc.
Neophyte |ˈnēəˌfītnoun a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief / a beginner or novice 

About the Blog
I began this blog four years prior as I was making the transition from writing for fun in a diary to really taking myself seriously as a writer. During this time my writing style has evolved beginning as poetry, to prose, to short stories and novels, projects I am currently working on. This blog is meant to display the work of someone who is learning as they go and doing so naively at times. I experiment with form, with language, with concept, with voice, and this blog is meant to share what I discover.

Common Words + Meanings found in writing (list will continue to grow)
Hinterland – the place I go when I think about the natural world
1t – disease, mental disorder, rumination 


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